Invisalign Newmarket ON

If you are looking for an Invisalign provider and live in or near Newmarket ON, trust Dr. David Hirsch and the team at Aurora Borealis Orthodontics. Today, there are more orthodontic treatment options than there were in the past. Dr. David Hirsch and the professionals at Aurora Borealis Orthodontics know that treatment with clear aligners in Newmarket ON has been more sought after than any other orthodontic treatment option currently available. So before you choose Invisalign for yourself or your child, the team at Aurora Borealis Orthodontics recommends that you learn a little more about this popular treatment.

Invisalign Newmarket ON

Here’s what you need to know:

• What is Invisalign? It is a new approach to get a straight and healthy smile. It uses custom-made aligners to gradually shift teeth. Every two weeks, a new aligner is fitted to the wearer and the process recurs for the rest of treatment.

• What makes Invisalign different from traditional metal braces? The difference between the two is that aligners are virtually invisible. The trays are clear and fit right over the teeth, so people won’t even know that you’re straightening your teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, this product has no metal brackets or wires, making it more comfortable and less painful. Aligners, unlike traditional metal braces, are removable as well and can be taken out to eat and brush and floss your teeth.

• Does Invisalign hurt? These clear aligners exert a gentle pressure to move teeth within the mouth. A slight discomfort may be experienced when a new tray aligner is fitted. The smooth thermoplastic surface of the trays are less likely to cause irritation in the wearer’s mouth.

• How long does Invisalign treatment take? Every case is different. Treatment time depends how severe your case is. Dr. Hirsch will be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take. To maximize the results and ensure a faster treatment process, follow all of the directions you receive from the team at Aurora Borealis Orthodontics. And remember to only remove the aligners to eat, brush, and floss.

• Will I Be Able to Afford Invisalign? Orthodontic treatment can become expensive quickly. Many dental insurances policies do cover treatment, so it is worth the effort to talk to your insurer. The only way to know how much treatment will cost for sure is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Hirsch and the team at Aurora Borealis Orthodontics.

•Will Invisalign affect my day to day activities? It will not affect your day-to-day activities. You will probably want to avoid foods or drinks that may stain your teeth and aligners. You may find that you have to brush and floss more to keep clean. But, you will still be able to play sports, have fun, and live your life while wearing Invisalign.

Dr. David Hirsch and the team at Aurora Borealis Orthodontics are experts in Invisalign. If you have any questions pertaining to Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, braces and clear braces in Newmarket ON, Aurora, ON, King ON, Richmond Hill ON and Forest Hill Village ON or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. David Hirsch contact Aurora Borealis Orthodontics at: (905) 726-2688